Create triangulated artwork from
any image in a few clicks

  • Automatic Point Extraction

    Beautiful random, corner-detection using image analysis, and other organic algorithms to automatically generating points.

  • Interactive Mouse Tools

    Acchieve more accurate triangulations adding, removing or moving points by hand.

  • Multiple Color Sampling Modes

    Colorize fills and strokes by picking colors from the image. Use color averaging, centroid color, or choose any color you want.

  • Color Manipulation

    Easily transform the whole color palette of your work until you get the look&feel you want, by adjusting rotation, saturation, brightness…

  • Undo/Redo

    You made a mistake? Don’t worry, use Cmd + Z and Cmd + Y to navigate through your history of actions.


And more...

Export to SVG and JPG, import any image format (JPG, GIF, PNG, SVG), zoom, panning, control over shapes fill/stroke, keyboard shortcuts...

Open Polyshaper App Chrome browser is recommended for a better performance.